Out of the ashes of your past

Out of the ashes of your past

Out of the ashes of your past Out of the ashes of your past

Out of the ashes of your past

Out of the ashes of your past

Out of the ashes of your past Out of the ashes of your past Out of the ashes of your past

Maria Wingard


Maria Wingard

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"God Almighty declares the word of the gospel with power, and the warring women of Zion deliver its message: The conquering legions have themselves been conquered. Look at them flee!“ 

Psalm 68: 11-13, (Passion Translation) 


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I Still Can't Come Down Women's Conference ~ April 18, 2020  - 12 PM - 4:30 PM 

Parma-Snow Branch of Cuyahoga Public Library - Auditorium - Parma, Ohio

Touch Heaven Ministry - May 16, 2020

Canfield, Ohio

Let Hope Arise

Hello! My name is Maria Wingard and I am the Owner and Founder of Hope Will Arise. I love to embrace my primary roles as a wife, mother, and Nonna (Italian for grandmother). I grew from my roots in Youngstown, Ohio to branch out and bloom in Cleveland. Learn more about me here.

Secondly, I love to travel and minister as a Christian speaker, writer, and mentor. Through these roles I believe in bringing the God centered solution to loving life that facilitates healing the junk people struggle to hide. 

Hope Will Arise focuses on encouraging the bride of Christ to work on inner healing, self evaluation, marriage, blended families, relationships, finances, and the disciplines of self care. 

I see many people struggling with which way to turn in their life as they are lost in the daily grind just trying to survive.  Peace in the storm is available through Jesus. 

True peace comes when the truth of the Gospel changes your mindset from struggling with depression and hopelessness into hope and joy. 

Here are a few of my memes for hopeful inspiration in changing your mindset.

Community is vital to fighting isolation, loneliness, and depression. God created us to be interdependent, not independent. My Community of Hope page provides links to a few wonderful people in my life. 

I love to point people to Jesus and teach them to rely on God’s word as their resource for wisdom and supply. The Bible provides us many tools to live a healthy balanced life both spiritually and physically. You can follow my blog here.

I firmly believe in allowing Jesus to bring healing to our soul wounds which facilitates peace and brings hope to the individual as well as within their family. 

We all have an emotional junk drawer. It's time to face your junk by allowing Jesus to clean out the mess and organize the rest.

More often than not our outlook has nothing to do with circumstances and everything to do with matters of the heart. Here's a few video clips.

It's time to break old habits and establish new so you can fullfill your God centered goals and dreams. 

You are worth it.

I believe it.

 God paid the price of His only Son for you because He believes you are worth it. 

Now it's your turn to Let Hope Arise.

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Start Living In God's Freedom Today! DISCLAIMER

Maria Wingard and Hope Will Arise ministry provides inner healing and deliverance prayers, coaching, and teachings to interested parties. 

Her desire is to see the body of Christ set free from embedded lies and demonic bondage. 

This is a volunteer service where we will assist you in working and praying towards this end. 



Hope Will Arise~Maria Wingard~speaker and blogger

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